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About the Hungarian nationalisation procedure

About the Hungarian nationalisation procedure of

foreign language certificates issued abroad

Attention! Exam certificates issued before the 1st of January 2000 can NOT be nationalised

I. Nationalisation and its types

Just as the language-testing activity of a language centre becomes certified in Hungary by accreditation, a non-certified language certificate issued abroad can become certified by the nationalisation procedure.Thus, if the holder of a certificate issued abroad does not want to retake the exam at a certified language centre in Hungary, he can try and have his certificate recognised in Hungary as a certified exam.If the certificate was issued by a foreign language centre which, in the meantime, has become equivalent ,that is entitled to issue cerified language certificates, or is well-known to the Board even if it does not function in Hungary (and is on the list of the international exams compiled by the Board and published on our web-site), it can be nationalised by procedure for Ft 10.000 at present, and the exam-taking can be omitted.

The list of examinations currently recognised can be seen: here

II. Nationalisation procedure

Documents to be presented to start a nationalisation procedure:

  • The original language certificate or a copy attested either on the spot or by a notary, a townclerk or the issuing institute.
  • “Request” form filled out in one copy.
  • The fee can be paid by cheque or can be transferred to account No. 10032000-00282637 with the note „NYAK-honosítás”. In either case please send in the voucher.

How to obtain cheques and “Request” forms

  • int he Educational Authority personally during customer service
  • download here »

How to present an application

Per post to OH-NYAK or personally during customer service.

Nationalisation fee

Ft 10.000

Transfer from abroad

Address: Oktatási Hivatal 1055 Budapest, Szalay u. 10-14.
Bank: Magyar Államkincstár 1139 Budapest, Váci út 71.
IBAN: HU94 1003 2000 0028 2637 0000 0000
Note: OH NYAK honosítási díj

The fee can be paid to OH-NYAK exclusively by the cheques issued for this purpose by OH-NYAK.

Fees for the additional exams are to be paid to the language centre conducting the exam by a cheque issued by the centre.

III. The nationalisation procedure

  • If the applicant does not want to take a bilingual exam, OH-NYAK posts the resolution within 50 days (in most cases it is not longer than 15-20 days).
  • In the case of bilingual nationalisations OH-NYAK informs the applicant about forwarding the application to the appointed language centre in a registration note. The applicant will be informed about the time and place of the additional exam as well as the way of feepaying by the language centre.Delays or repeats of exams can be initiated by the candidates themselves. The estimated time of the procedure is 1-3 months. In case of unsuccessful additional exams OH-NYAK closes the procedure one year after the beginning of it. A new procedure can be applied for by the formal presentation of a new application.
  • Once an application is presented, no subsequent modification is possible.
  • 30 days after presenting a complete application OH-NYAK informs the applicant about the resolution according to one of the three alternatives. If an additional exam is demanded, the applicant is informed about its type, the appointed language centre and the expected date of the examination.

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